about stephanie

I've grown up loving to create things and paint what's around me. When I was younger I practiced painting in a realistic style and tried to hone my technique with life drawing and still life studies.

Now I find myself venturing into a more abstract and surreal domain. I like to incorporate themes of life, death and the vastness of space in these abstract pieces, using vibrant contrasting colours and strong textured shapes to give an edge to the natural world. I'm excited by the new direction this abstract approach is taking me and I aim to push it further with each painting!

I'm currently based in West Sussex, pursuing my dream of working in video games, whilst exploring my journey through painting in my spare time.

Upcoming Exhibitions

HAOS Contemporary Art Fair 19th -20th October 2019, Horsham West Sussex. www.horshamartistsopenstudios.co.uk

Past Exhibitions

Watch This Space Live Art Event 27th-28th July 2019, Horsham https://www.facebook.com/events/2220223831640398/

HAOS Contemporary Art Fair 20th -21st October 2018, Horsham West Sussex. www.horshamartistsopenstudios.co.uk

Cheltenham Open Air Art Exhibition, Gloucestershire 2017, 2014

Please get in touch using the form below if you have any questions about my work, exhibitions or commissions!